A Great Dairy Free Vegan Protein Powder Alternative To Whey Protein

If you have trouble digesting traditional whey protein supplements while you are normally not lactose intolerant, you are not alone. And there is a great alternative to whey protein that is dairy free, and 100% vegan.

My body's morphology tilts towards skinny body so although I never thought of going deep into bodybuilding, I decided to exercise to at least tone my body and put on some muscles. The thing if you want to add some weight is that you must make sure your calorie intake is on point. If you workout hard for an hour dripping in sweat and don't get your post-workout meal right, the whole session might have been for nothing in terms of muscle growth/definition. If you are not getting enough calories to recover and give your muscles the nutrients they need to grow, you may gain some power, strength and endurance, but you are missing out on maximizing your results. You see if your body is already thin without much muscle development, that means you don't have a lot of fat stored for your body to convert into fuel for your muscles. So if your body can't find nutrients or fat, it will take from your existing muscles, and ultimately make you skinnier. 

Nutrition is what I really had to work on, plus sometimes after a workout, I feel so thirsty that I don't really feel hungry for at least a couple of hours. This doesn't help my case, so I started to look for protein supplements and went for what seemed to be the best option in store, the traditional whey protein powder...

The problem with whey protein powder and me was the digestion, I always ended up with digestive troubles almost instantly. I then stopped for a while to take any protein powder supplements because I never stumbled upon a dairy-free alternative to whey protein that could solve this issue, I just thought I was one of the whey protein intolerant few and accepted my fate.

Recently I went to the gym and went in their protein supplements section and I asked if there was an alternative to whey protein that doesn't have the heavy dose of lactose based products in it. To my surprise there was one that seemed to be a perfect fit. It is called NAKED RICE - Organic Brown Rice Protein Powder, nothing else than 100% Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein with no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors and is GMO-Free, Soy-Free and Gluten Free. 


Granted, the taste is pretty bad, you better blend it with a nice smoothie full of fruity flavors. However, never had any stomach pain, digestive trouble, none of that. And with 2 scoops you get 25g of protein which represents 50% of your daily intake recommended.

Another alternative that I tried is MANITOBA Hemp Pro 50 - Plant Based Protein Powder. This one is made of Hemp, it appears cheaper, but it also takes 4 scoops to get 15g worth of protein, and the taste and after-taste was close to unbearable for me even in a smoothie.


My recommendation is definitely NAKED RICE - Organic Brown Rice Protein Powder, it has more valuable nutrients and is easier to blend in to make a shake that is acceptable to your taste buds. 

Have you heard of other alternatives? Maybe one that has natural flavors? Let us know!

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