Is Foil Surfing Better Than Surfing?

Foil Surfing vs Surfing

So yes, it is not the newest thing, I know. Still I started to notice more and more of these videos of surfers surfing without waves moving up and down on their board. A lot of these videos came from my Instagram feed, but I never realized how cool it actually was until today. I love watching water sports videos, there is this feeling of Freedom in the imagery that just keeps wanting for more and book a flight for an exotic beach where I would learn how to surf and fail miserably. What you are about to see, if you never saw it before, is a 'HydroFoil' that can be attached to a Kite or Surf board. It is most commonly known as Kite Foil, SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Foil, Surf Foil or simply 'Foil' for the "connaisseurs".  

According to Wiki: "A hydrofoil is a lifting surface, or foil, that operates in water. They are similar in appearance and purpose to aerofoils used by aeroplanes. Boats that use hydrofoil technology are also simply termed hydrofoils. As a hydrofoil craft gains speed, the hydrofoils lift the boat's hull out of the water, decreasing drag and allowing greater speeds." 

HydroFoil Surf

The way I would describe it is that it is an accessory that you can add on to a surf or kite board. This accessory stays under the water and provides stability of the board which stays floating above water. By applying repetitive pressure with your body and feet towards the board (picture doing the beggining of a squat and stop immediately to come back up and repeat), the foil somehow makes your board stay afloat and even accelerate as when a skater puts one foot on the ground to keep the momentum.

So is this better than Surf? I think it all depends on what type of surfer you are. I am not one, and never tried to be honest. I tried sailing, kayak, jetskiing, but never had the chance to try surfing and I don't feel the need to. It just seems to be the type of sport that you have to love and be dedicated to if you want to feel some adrenaline from it. If I just get on it and instantly fall for hours while I am just trying to have fun on the beach, I will lose interest quickly. Hats off to all the surfers out there, but I don't think this is the type of sports you can take lightly. That's why for me, this hydrofoil accessory is the only way for me to consider surfing, if we can even call it this way at this point. My guess is that for real surfers this is like adding the training wheels to a bicycle, but I am pretty sure that it can bring more interest towards surfing as an activity, which will in return have the sport benefit from a spike in popularity, possibly gaining some new "aficionados" along the way.

These little babies range from 800$ to 2000$+ on average, and it takes a board to put them on. The good thing is that it can be added to different types of boards including kite boards which means it can make you go even faster. I hope there will be more places that sell this experience as an activity, I will definitely look for one and plan vacation there at some point. What if I just leave for Hawaï and start a rental business with this, would it be a HydroFail? I couldn't help it, I love dad jokes.

Sit back, relax, enjoy watching Kai Lenny Foil Surfing or should I say Gliding over the ocean, and picture yourself on vacation on that board having the time of your life!

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