Is This the New Scuba Diving Essential?

My dad loved to go snorkeling, he took me once and saved me from a massive pink jellyfish (one that stings). Our equipment was very basic, just pure old school snorkeling with just fins, mask, harpoon, snorkel and wet suit. Whenever my dad would spot an eel he would just dive to the bottom holding his breath to try to get this sea creature for dinner. That's my last memory of snorkeling with my dad, I should invite him to do it somewhere in a tropical destination, sometime soon hopefully.

I recently discovered that there was a fun way to take your scuba diving experience to a next level. It's called Seascooter, Yamaha has a whole range of these that you can choose from. It is equipped with a camera mount so that you can film your best underwater moments filming all types of exotic fishes. Its battery can last for up to 2 hours and it can speed up at 2.5mph, that will not save you from a shark chasing you down that's for sure... It is however the perfect companion of the underwater lovers who like to explore the deepest parts of the ocean. The dive tanks are heavy and having a seascooter at your disposal will certainly make your exploration more enjoyable, less tiring, and also last longer. Kids love it as well, it's a cool gadget they like to play around with in the pool too, another must-have for the water-lovers.
Yamaha Seascooter RDS250

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